Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Desert Rats update

First of the 8th Army troops finished, based in the same scheme as the Afrika Corp.

I am going to put some effort into the Airfield board next, I have been doing some research and hunting down scatter scenery I may use. The construction of the project will begin after Christmas.

Desert Rats reinforced platoon

This is the first of the vehicles for the the 8th army reinforced platoon, I decided on a camo scheme from the second battle of El alamian as its so iconic.Its not finished yet needs some weathering and some other small details
M4A1 Sherman (Blitzkrieg Miniatures)

Also hoping to add an M3 Grant this will be the camo scheme i will be using , watch this space.

DAK Bases + reinforcements

Finally decided on a colour for the bases of the north Africa miniatures, just have to add some desert tufts and they are complete.
 1st Squad plus 2 officers
 MG 34 Machine gun team
 Panzerbüchse 39 anti tank rifle team
Pak 36 Anti tank gun (Perry Miniatures)

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

North Africa airfield update

This is the airfield tower i am building . It started off life as a jungle tower from the (Sarissa Precision) jungle range. I have modified it to resemble a tower used by the germans in the North African campaign. I have replaced the roof with simulated corragated iron sheeting and the side panels to have also been replaced to match the gable of the roof. The roof will be painted with a suitable camo pattern , while i can get no pictures of roof camo from North Africa I am going to use a modified version of a camo pattern applied to aircraft by the Luftwaffe.

Quonset Hut from  (Dust Models) , these are nice as they match the corragated iron look and come in a pack of 6. I picked these up on Ebay very cheaply.
These will also have the camo pattern applied to them. I may also do some work on the inside aswell by adding bunks.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

DAK reinforcements

A Panzerjäger I from Warlord Games added to the DAK army for the Battle at Fuka airfield. Still need a little more weathering and finishing touches.
I added the crew to make the model look a little more dynamic they are from the Perry Metal range.

Some DAK troops lead by an officer, these obviuosly need finishing off and the bases completed , I am waiting until I decide on the colour of the board before I start basing. These are also from Perry miniatures.

Deutsches Afrikakorps

While I will mostly be focusing on the battles undertaken by the 101st Airbourne in WW2 , I thought for a change I would build a North Africa board ,loosly based on the SAS Raid of a German airfield at Fuka.

This is one of the first vehicles I have for it , its a Panzer III J from (Warlord Games), though the Commander is from (die waffenkammer).

The 101st Airbourne D-Day board

 The 101st Airbourne D-Day board is now almost finished there are just a couple of hedgerows and trees to complete .I have also completed a Hawker Typhoon model to be used for airstrikes.
 Allied Guns make short work of the livestock

 An armoured column arriving at the farm

A searchlight makes a important target